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Offer the tips anyway. The Aspie has the choice to take them or not. Make specific suggestions in positive ways (as opposed to, Don’t x, y, or z! Years ago, I taught my daughter a trick that she has used ever since. She was trying to do a maze, and kept getting mixed up or lost. I showed her that if she put her finger at the end and traced her way back, she’d know exactly where to draw her line before she ever put pencil to paper. Isn’t that cheating? Absolutely not. In life, we need to know where we are headed in order to make the choices and plans that will take us there. As the young heroine’s father reminds his daughter in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog (2009), wishing on the star only gets you so far. Dr Julie Beischel of the Windbridge Research Center recently conducted two well-controlled studies on mediums. There are also reportedly spontaneous encounters with the deceased. They claim to see deceased relatives and have a pleasant experience reminiscent of an NDE. Lives Beyond This One Young Children Who Remember Previous Lives After studying all the cases I have and reviewing the notes of [Dr Ian Stevenson’s] investigations, I have concluded that some young children do appear to possess memories and emotions that come from a deceased individual. Something seems to encourage continuity of personality both within and between lives. We should accept reincarnation as the most suitable interpretation for the cases only if we find other interpretations unsatisfactory. This is my situation. I do not believe the correspondences observed between wounds and birth marks or birth defects is a matter of acausal coincidence.

I’m not a man, not a woman, and happily rocking something in between. My journey began with a gut feeling: It was like femininity was a tight, tiny space that I tried, helplessly, to squeeze myself into. Girl was a box that always felt too small. And as I got older, I felt a strong disconnect from the label woman, like it was something I was told about myself but never quite believed. What began as a gut feeling evolved into an ever-present anxiety that I couldn’t shake, a splinter under the surface that I couldn’t find but knew was there. It wasn’t until I was a college undergrad at the ripe age of seventeen, studying gender and sexuality, that I finally began to uncover a whole new vocabulary. Words like genderqueer and androgyny, which allowed me to discard woman and instead express my gender in my own unique way. Words like transgender and transmasculine, which gave me the chance to abandon my assigned gender and adopt a new kind of masculinity instead of the femininity that had previously felt so inescapable. All these words began to orbit me in a fantastic blur, novel and important and exciting. At the center of this new language, I began to put together the puzzle that had eluded me for so long: my own gender. You want to build a track record with any product you use. For instance: If you bought a course to help you find coaching clients, do whatever it takes to win the first client. Then remember that if you can find one client, you can find many more. If you bought a program on how to publish an earticle on Amazon, stick to the process and make sure you publish at least one article. If you purchased a diet program, stick to it until you lose at least a few pounds. Do as you are told Having faith in the process also means you must do exactly as you’re told and avoid ignoring anything. If you start nitpicking what to apply and what not to apply, it’s possible nothing will work for you. You probably bought a course because you’re not an expert and want to learn.

Edwards had the ability to draw a straight line free hand. He explains, I would measure something out and it would be a quarter of an inch short, and I would just free hand ‘cuz it was quicker. Petra would mark him off. By age 16, Edwards’s sneaker habit was getting expensive. I started buying shoes on my own because my mother didn’t have any money to buy me the latest sneakers that I wanted. Foot Locker wouldn’t hire him, so he got a job at McDonald’s. It was kind of like Coming to America. Like Eddie and Arsenio, I had to mop the grease on the floor. He worked his way up to burger flipper, then assistant manager. In the 1980s Inglewood was a tough place to grow up; However, his anxiety began to rise when the countdown to the first school day began, especially worries about taking the school bus, as he had always been dropped to the school gate by his parents (ie `What if I miss the bus? What if I don’t get a seat? Malie: So many anxious kids are prone to `What if’ thinking, which is often resistant to logic. How did you help him? Pamela: The best way was to focus on the opposite of `What if’ which is `What is’, and the reality of the here-and-now moment. Encouraging children to check in with how their bodies feel as they ask `What if’ questions anchors them into the present. Helping them to use practised ways to calm themselves down, like relaxation techniques, works well too. Now that we had looked at Tom’s thoughts and feelings on the CBT triangle, the next step was to focus on his behaviour by designing a fear ladder to test out his negative predictions about taking the school bus. Learning any scary new behaviour needs to be broken down into tiny steps, which are mastered one by one. This type of gradual exposure is particularly helpful if a child has a phobia or avoids certain situations.

What could you do differently? Be beige or bubble gum Listed below are some vanilla and bubble-gum leadership traits. Circle the ones that you think fit you. What have you noticed? Where could you improve and how? On a school holiday break in Queensland, I was looking forward to hanging out with my family and friends, Andy and Maria. My kids were also excited to see our friends. You see, Andy is something of a whizz in the kitchen, always cooking up the best feasts when we visit. On this occasion, he decided to teach the kids how to make their own fresh pasta. Carlton: It’s not unusual to have dad be proud of me. When I see dad hanging with Will instead of me. It’s not unusual to see me cry. I wanna die. Tom Jones: It’s not unusual to mess up at any time. When I see you down and out it’s such a crime. Carlton: Did you ever want to be loved by anyone? Then you let them down — I blew it yesterday, my trust funds gone away. Tom Jones: My friend, it happens all the time. And life will never do.

Where can you really feel this new tape making a difference in how much better you feel? Take that feeling and turn it up and spread it across your body now as I count from one to five: one, two, three, four, five. That’s right. And now I invite the subconscious brain to help you float forward to today. I invite you to see another scene now. It’s you in your present life. I wonder if the rose-colored glasses helped you to change something or if you simply gained more understanding of the origin of that old voice you’ve let go. Of course, the new tape you programmed into your past self is still here with your present self. And so I’d like you to see all the ways this new, positive tape helps you to feel better . That’s right . In the body, GABA, a major neurochemical, attaches itself to certain nerve-cell receptors and affects how messages flow within those cells, inhibiting cell activity. Benzodiazepines and Z drugs – as well as barbiturates, chloral hydrate, and perhaps certain herbs (see p. They also promote sleep. Older benzodiazepines that attach to the GABA receptors are described as non-specific: they not only induce sleep, but also have, to some extent, all those other properties. Compounds that promote only sleep are specific. Z drugs have similar effects to specific benzodiazepines, but are a separate class of drug. What are the effects, side-effects and dangers? All benzodiazepines and Z drugs can promote sleep. Some Z drugs increase deep sleep (see pp. Recent trials in the USA show that zolpidem, zaleplon and eszopiclone maintain their efficacy in the long term, making them less addictive.

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With the help of his parents, Tom began noticing that questioning his worried thoughts led to him finding more balanced alternative thoughts instead, which improved his mood and his levels of anxiety. Malie: That’s a great improvement! And did you suggest a specific time each day for Tom to challenge his thoughts? Pamela: We agreed to have a `worry time’ of ten minutes each night before bedtime when Tom talked to one or both parents about his worries, challenged them and distracted himself with other happier thoughts, allowing him to settle to sleep more easily. If Tom had negative thoughts during the day, he had a choice of bossing back his anxiety then using his Thought Diary, or he could save his worries for `worry time’. `Worry time’ worked really well for Tom before bed, allowing him to empty his head of worries and soon he was sleeping by himself again. This also allowed for a better night’s sleep, with Tom feeling less tired, and more able to concentrate and keep up with his schoolwork. It was also helping his mood, as he appeared happier and more relaxed. His parents reported that the witty, funny character that he used to be had started to return! By the end of eight sessions, Tom was feeling much better in himself as he had achieved his therapy goals. Brilliance in action Follow or flop Take a moment to write down why people should choose to follow you. Be specific. What is it that you do and how do you want people to feel? Maybe choose five to 10 people in your team and ask them what they think your best leadership traits are and why they enjoy working for you. Lead above the line Think about a difficult situation you’re currently in and how you’re behaving. Are you operating below the line from a place of fear, anger or pride? Explore how you could move away from these below the line leadership traits to leading from a place of courage, acceptance or love.

His cousin Will has just been accepted into Princeton, while Carlton himself has been rejected. He sits around the Banks mansion feeling sorry for himself and questions if he even should have been born. The mansion is his comfort zone and he wishes to just wither away on the sofa and let life pass him by. Such is life, it no longer makes sense to our square-headed friend. His dad, Uncle Phil (RIP), is extremely disappointed with him, and letting his dad down is perhaps the hardest pill for Carlton to swallow. In order for us to understand Carlton’s struggle, the writer Benny Medina very cleverly introduces Tom Jones into the scene. Tom Jones appears in a puff of smoke and glides into Carlton’s world. Tom Jones is nothing but Carlton’s guardian angel. The voice of reason. Carlton’s consciousness. Isn’t it so nice to know that there are so many ways you can take care of yourself? And, of course, this abundance turns into more positive thoughts . Isn’t it wonderful that you’ve already begun to create profound change . So I invite you to press play on that same scene in just a moment. And I wonder how this new, positive tape inside your head changes the way you act . Allowing the eyes to flutter side to side now as you press play . That’s right. Now inhale on the count of three: one, two, three. Exhale on the count of six: one, two, three, four, five, six. Just notice the place in your body where you feel the most pleasant or energized.

However, the human body can develop a tolerance to these medications, meaning that their efficacy reduces the longer we take them. As we then need to take a higher dosage to achieve the same effects, addiction becomes a very real danger, followed by withdrawal symptoms when the hypnotics are stopped. In the 1990s, chemists synthesized the non-benzodiazepine Z drugs: zolpidem, zopiclone and zaleplon. Although these do have some risk of dependency, it is much lower than it is with benzodiazepines. Today, benzodiazepines and Z drugs remain the most widely prescribed drugs for insomnia. Importantly, though, any drug taken to tackle a sleep disorder relieves the symptoms, but not the cause. While you may not know why you’re suffering from insomnia, in order to find a long-term solution it’s essential to live a lifestyle conducive to good sleep. Conventional medicine may help in the short term, as a coping strategy that enables you to put other things right, but it doesn’t provide a safe, long-term solution. And, there’s no one size fits all option – understanding the nature of your insomnia is important for getting your medication right, as well as for resolving your sleep problems altogether. How do these drugs work? Like any skill, better thinking requires daily practice. I do that by looking at everything that happens in my life as an exercise for thinking better. Because if I don’t, I start wasting my time on useless things like complaining, feeling sorry for myself, and not enjoying my life. We’re collectively thinking so much we’re missing out on life. And it has nothing to do with fancy things other people do. We all know that the beauty of life lies in the small things. Did you notice the sunshine this morning when you woke up? Or the raindrops? Did you notice the smell of your coffee? Did you feel the texture of your cereals?

Don’t stint on complimentary adjectives; Expand with your hope to see them soon, a return invitation or good wishes for a forthcoming event in their lives. Sign off with Yours sincerely, Best wishes or Love, as appropriate, before your name. SEND A FORMAL INVITATION Printed invitations are still considered desirable for formal parties and weddings. The wording can vary from relatively informal–John and Sue invite you for drinks at home–to highly formal–Mr. John Bloggs request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter, Sarah Jane, to Mr. William James Smith. The key facts to include are: Your printer will have a stock of examples for you to follow and can advise on paper weight, fonts and embellishment if desired. As a gyroscope spins faster and faster, its motion appears still. So it was with the sensei as he met and diverted the energy of his attackers, redirecting them one by one out of the melee. He seemed to lay each down on the ground tenderly, protectively, respectfully. His actions were so effortless that I knew there was a force at work that could not be readily seen, something implicit. After class was over, I approached him, keeping a respectful distance. When he turned to face me, I felt every molecule of his attention surround me. I was only going to thank him for allowing me to observe the class, but curiosity got the best of me. I had to ask one question. Excuse me, Sensei, but how long did it take you to learn to do that–what you did with those men? You mean the Randori?

Charles developed atrial fibrillation, a common irregularity of the heart. Atrial fibrillation means that the left atrium, the thin-walled, low-pressure chamber of the heart, swells and does not contract properly. The blood swirls around and stagnates rather than flows. Blood is like a river. If it stops flowing it silts up. This has been known for centuries. The nineteenth-century German physician and pathologist Rudolf Virchow noted that blood will clot if there is one or more of three contributing factors (Virchow’s triad): stasis (stagnation of the flow), damage to the vessel wall or a hypercoagulable state (of which there are many). Silting up of the blood leads to formation of a blood clot in the left atrial appendage, a tiny cavity on the edge of the left atrium. This clot can break away, embolize through the bloodstream and block an artery. Emboli from the heart can go to any artery but they tend to go to the brain. I realize my role is that. To infect everyone around me with whatever I have (that isn’t legitimately contagious). It’s my way of reproducing without actually reproducing! At one point, on The Five, Jesse looked at me and said, Greg, you can’t force everyone to be like you. He correctly identified my aims, but that wasn’t going to stop me. So that’s my purpose in life. How does that help you? Well, because I believe that my purpose is also yours. You’re here on this planet, so your good qualities rub off on other people. Every day you have the potential in front of you for leaving a mark on someone in both a good way and a bad way: the plus or the minus.

Without a sail, you’ve gone astray

To clarify what I mean, I’ve made a list of what I think are effective thoughts: Making your life better Growing your career and business Visualizing your future Thinking of new ideas Solving problems Coming up with fun things to do with your partner, family, or friends It’s really not that complicated. However, sticking with this way of thinking is very hard and takes work. Don’t expect to become a practical thinker after reading this article only once. Turn your collar down. WRITE A THANK-YOU NOTE A thank-you note needn’t be long, but a promptly sent handwritten one goes down well–particularly with the older generation. With your contemporaries, you may get away with a text message or an email, but a handwritten note shows more consideration. A friend might ask you to celebrate a milestone birthday, join them on vacation or invite you to their wedding, but if it’s their parents who are paying it’s to them that thanks are due. If you don’t possess headed paper or cards, a note card will do fine. Choose your best pen–black or blue ink is preferable–write your address in the top right-hand corner, put the date underneath and add the salutation on the left-hand side. If witty words don’t come naturally to you, plan what you are going to write beforehand. Start by thanking the recipient–for the invite or the present in question–and then reference memorable highlights. For example: the host’s generosity;

My husband and I walked in to an immense Quonset hut in Kauai, Hawaii. The fluorescently lit hall, or dojo, was filled with white-suited class members kneeling on bright blue mats that covered the floor. As if by some secret signal, they bowed to the teacher, or sensei, who then bowed to them. He was Japanese, perhaps fifty, perhaps seventy; He wore a white tunic and long black skirtlike pants, the garb of a martial-arts master. Half a dozen burly men circled him menacingly. As they began to close in, he was absolutely still, calm, poised. Suddenly, with shouts that reverberated off the metal walls, they attacked him in unison from all angles. The master seemed to flow like water into their mass, swirling between them, his black skirt surrounding them. Each time they reached to strike his body, he was not there. The point about jokes is that they are rooted in reality. That’s why they strike a chord with us. They take the everyday absurdities and frustrations of life, exaggerate them and throw them back in our faces. Charles was in his mid-seventies and had had quite a rough time of it during the previous decade. He’d had bowel cancer, which had initially responded to surgery and chemotherapy. Over the years his kidneys had failed. I can’t quite recall why now, but it was most likely a combination of hypertension and narrowing of the renal arteries due to atheroma, the fatty, porridge-like substance that builds up with age, bad genes, bad diet and smoking. The end stage of renal disease is the same whatever the cause: dialysis and, if you are lucky, renal transplantation. Hypertension had put a strain on his heart. Forcing blood through tight arteries leads to hypertrophy, or over-growth of the heart muscle, and damages the specialized heart cells that conduct electrical messages through the heart and regulate its rhythm.

I joined conservatism so they would become me. I realized that if someone like me couldn’t stand the Left, and found the Right’s ideas persuasive but still their whole world stodgy and close-minded, I had only one choice–not to join that new world but have that new world join me. And let me, platonically, of course, rub off on them. I had to infect the right with Gutfelditis. Yep, I needed them to be more like me–looser, weirder. They should be willing to laugh, be absurd, and risk offending people. They needed to stop taking themselves seriously. I was the one to help them do that, for sure. At the very least, I need to get them to wear less khaki. So, now you see the point of the eclectic music choices–it’s an effort to make some kind of headway into a world that could use some surprise, some oddity. Childhood, for Aspies, is like a time we mostly wish we could all simply skip over. But it has to be real to count. Instead of putting on a show, invest that time and energy in teaching your Asperkid to match her volume, energy level or demeanor to one or two other kids’. In other words, pay attention to the action in the room. If you finish a test ahead of everyone else, don’t draw attention to yourself. The other kids aren’t going to be impressed – they are going to be put off (guilty, right here). If no one else is being silly or bouncing around, then it’s probably not cool for you to be quite so hyper, either. Help them by pointing out specific tricks – sitting next to someone else who is alone, or noticing the clothing trends in magazines. Your Asperkid may not care to be connected – and if he or she is truly more content that way, fine. But don’t be fooled by insecurity masked as nonchalance.

If we consider the totality of the evidence–from NDE research, to research on mediums, to anecdotal cases of other after-death communications, we have to seriously consider the possibility that consciousness survives the death of the physical body. And if that is true, we probably need to reconsider what the terms death and life really mean (more on this in article 13). The notion that consciousness survives bodily death makes no sense under the materialist assumption that the brain produces consciousness. Materialists would argue that once the brain dies, consciousness ceases. But if consciousness is the basis of reality, survival of bodily death not only makes sense, but is expected. Mediums are individuals who claim they can talk to the dead. Some do it while in a trance state in which they are apparently overtaken by a foreign consciousness. The historical case literature, when taken together, suggests that some mediums are real. Piper, Mrs. Leonard, and Hafsteinn Bjornsson are examples of mediums who have been studied extensively and appear to exhibit true abilities. And I hold onto that concept always. That goes for the rest of the traps and tips as well. We’re all so conditioned to bond over something evil–like *gasp* cake–and comment on each other’s appearances that WE’RE GONNA SLIP UP ONCE IN A WHILE. Don’t sweat it. If you need to, send a Sorry ’bout that someone’s way, and cut yourself a break. Do better next time and remember that practice makes progress, especially when you’re a human. Which I’m betting you are. MY TRANS MASCULINITY HAS CURVES, FAT, AND ATTITUDE SAM DYLAN FINCH OF LET’S QUEER THINGS UP I am a genderqueer kid who presents in a masculine sort of way.

Did you discard a few things because you didn’t think they were important? Avoid doing this. Instead, stick to the method exactly until you make your first sale. Remember, if others have done it before, so can you. 3) Having faith in the process Do you have faith in the process you are following? If you hire a coach, take a course or buy a article and believe it’s not going to work, you’ve already lost half of the battle. You must have faith in the process and commit to doing whatever it takes to make it work for you. Remember, if others can succeed, you can too. Make it a must to achieve positive results and never give up until you do. He’d study the footwear of his sports heroes, like Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris, who wore PONY shoes. All through middle school, Edwards kept sketching. His math teacher, Mrs. Weathers, often busted him drawing sneakers during class. She would take the index cards away. When he got to high school–countless sketches later–he was nudged out of art class because he was better than the teacher. The school felt it was a waste of time for him to take art and put him in drafting class instead, where he could learn some discipline. He called this lateral education the best gift I’ve gotten. The drafting teacher, Mr. Petrosian, who kids called Petra, caught Edwards filling in lines by hand when he should be using rulers.

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Spammers often use automated methods for distributing these comments to a massive array of sites, where some of them inevitably stick.Not only is this an extremely ancient method of link building, it will only harm your efforts. A good rule of thumb is to dig a little deeper here based on your vertical. There are many types of SEO Agency out there, some of which may try to offer link schemes or low-quality services, so it’s important to verify you’re working with a agency that’s reputable and committed to getting quality backlinks for your brand. There are a lot of options to choose from to answer this question; but the most obvious and impactful, which ironically are the most overlooked, are competitor backlinks. Suppose that you’re selling an e-commerce system and find the following list in a keyword tool, with the most popular term at the top: Perhaps the most commonly known aspect of SEO, the feature which attracts business to seek out the services of a SEO Manchester is the service’s ability to increase a website’s positioning in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). For podcasts and videos, we can apply the same principle by adding pauses at the right time, dividing your content into multiple interesting sections. But it’s absolutely worth the time and energy. Make sure you keep up to date with the latest changes to search engine algorithms and if you are hiring a SEO Services to provide you with SEO services, make sure that the business is frequently refining their SEO strategies to reflect the changes in the world of search engine marketing. Including a Contact Us page on your website and putting the link in the navigation not only makes for good user experience (especially if you have an ecommerce site) but can also potentially earn you some Google juice. The right content can attract the right users through your business funnel. Regardless of the type of SEO needed, many companies struggle with whether or not to hire an in-house SEO or go with an outsourced SEO Derby or consultant.

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On the other hand, they will be missing for search engines. They’ll notice the delay, but they’ll approximately be in the same place they were when you left them. For brands that can’t afford a full-service SEO Oxford the mention of the word “link building” is enough to make them flinch. Marketing departments and advertising agencies, as well as individual account managers, brand managers, and creatives, encounter strong pressures. Mobile connections tend to be slower in general, thus website which have not been optimized for performance will tend to load even slower on mobile devices. The world of SEO has seen some dramatic revolutions over the last few years and it takes a commitmed SEO Worcester to keep track of them all. If your website is low in quality and as such suffers in search engine results pages, you might be tempted to utilise black hat SEO techniques, however these techniques are very dangerous and potentially harm your business. Rather than focusing on keyword density, you may want to pay more attention to LSI. When Marketing Agency Hull is handling your link building, you won’t need to hire someone internally to do the work.

Bounce rates may not be an accurate indicator of user satisfaction, but by encouraging visitors to click onto other areas of a site, it can lead to potential customer acquisition, and that most definitely is. To find these services, search for phone call tracking. One rule of thumb marketers consider, the 75-15-10 breakdown, suggests that 75 percent of the money to be spent on advertising should be used to purchase media time or space, 15 percent to London SEO Agency for the creative work, and 10 percent for the actual It’s amazing what you can find if you dig around for a little while. If you’re frustrated at not seeing results after a month of work, it might be a little too early to escalate your campaign by outsourcing. It depends for the competitiveness from the keyword you need to rank, the number of keywords you want to rank and also the number of hours at work you would like SEO Coverage to invest about it. You could also just ask your prospective vendor directly if they use any non-native English speakers. To assist in the marketing effort while building on demographic information, psychographic profiles have been developed. If resources are sufficient, it’s ideal to have both in-house and SEO Southampton collaborating together.

Will you meet me in the country

It is perhaps even more significant that a traditionally mainstream psychiatrist like Dr Darold Treffert (the savant specialist referenced in article 2) says he sees telepathic abilities in autistic savants. He states in an August 2017 interview: I’m working presently with several savants who have telepathic abilities. When I met these individuals I was very skeptical of that. Dear Flattering, I’m so over you. Because of you, I only take certain pictures with certain poses with certain outfits. You’re (pretty much) kinda boring. So, it’s over. Maybe we can get together again in the future . I then proceeded to take jumping pictures (because apparently that’s what we bloggers do), the likes of which include some of the most unflattering faces I’ve ever made. It was motherfarting liberating, guys. And ever since then, I’ve continued to widen my pose options, much to my personal delight. The Oxford Dictionary defines selfie as a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. MGJY Top Tip Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves when using any cleaning products, homemade or commercial. They will keep your hands clean and protect them, while also maintaining soft and supple skin and preventing damage to nails. Cleaning with Essential Oils Essential oils are one of the best-smelling, naturally antibacterial options for homemade cleaning products. You can add them to practically all your cleaning routines: they help sanitise the kitchen and bathroom – and no scary fumes.

Aromas have such a powerful effect on our feelings and mood, too. How many times have you visited a friend’s house and been welcomed with fresh scents, such as a wood-burning fire or a freshly made pot of coffee? There are so many amazing essential oils and I love playing around with different scents. But before you purchase any, make sure that they are top quality. What started as the domain of introverts soon became the cool place for kids of all cliques to hang out. Whereas in the past an indie band like From First to Last could reach audiences only through expensive marketing, now it could spend all day talking to fans online. The idea was to mimic what was already happening on a mainstream level with pop music and boy bands as far as marketing goes, Richter explains, and take it to the underground, which was slowly gathering and amassing on the Internet. From First to Last invested in eyeliner, hair straighteners, piercings, and photography. We wanted each member of the band to be a standout character and play more than just a musician’s role, Richter says. Now looking like proper rock stars, FFTL used social networks to article shows. Their self-articleed tour eventually turned into a slot at the Vans Warped Tour. At every show, the band promoted its social networking articles, and its popularity surged as fans shared the music with their friends. The whole emo/post-hardcore trend exploded because of the Internet, Richter says. You go to school all day and still deal with the food-chain mentality, but with the Internet you could be whoever you wanted and anti-mainstream. When we see the world through anxious eyes, lots of things look and feel scary. If you’re stuck in a blizzard, it would be hard to see anything because of all the snow, wouldn’t it? If you think of your mind as a snow globe and your scary thoughts as snowflakes, then I wonder what would happen if you shake the snow globe really hard? All your thoughts would move around, wouldn’t they? This is what we call blizzard thinking, and is exactly what happens when we feel anxious. We become blinded by our thoughts and end up `living in the feeling of our thinking’.

But the great thing is that with lots of practice we can learn to think again. We can also learn to let the snowflakes gradually settle, and to wake up to the idea that we are not our thoughts and feelings and that we have a choice in how we perceive a situation and respond. Next time your child communicates their worries to you, you could say, `You’ve got some really scary blizzard thinking going on right now. That must be really tough. With the right habits and behaviours, how could you continually improve your personal best and keep the fire of your brilliance burning? Everything we dream of achieving is possible, but it needs you to do the work and adopt the right behaviours. Becoming a master of self-discipline is the number one trait needed to accomplish any goal or anything in life. Deciding what behaviours you will adopt versus what you won’t is the tipping point between moving towards success and stalling along the way. Saying `I can’ or even `This year my goal is to . A game of inches Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit and an expert on behavioural psychology, suggests that most people fail to adopt new behaviours because they don’t understand the structure of habits. Duhigg refers to the habit loop — a three-part process (cue, routine and reward) — within our brain that controls how habits are formed, and if any of these three parts are missed the habit is broken. He says that first a cue `tells your brain to go into automatic mode and which habit to use’. Next, he maintains, is a `physical, mental or emotional’ routine. Consequently, he got angry with himself at the end of each game. But after eating this black porridge for some time, his tinnitus was gone, and he was no longer forgetful. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver and kidney have a common source. When we are old, our livers and kidneys degenerate and do not operate as efficiently as they used to. When this occurs, we should replenish them with this sweet, delicious black porridge. A Cup of Lukewarm Water

Many people who exercise daily still have a poor health. This might have to do with either their method of exercising or their incorrect habits. Some people will go to bed covered with sweat as soon as they finish exercising. This does harm to their health because they have failed to replenish their bodies with water when it is needed. INTERVAL TRAINING YOUR BRAIN If you are concerned about taking care of your brain, I imagine you also want to take care of your body. If you’ve read my articles The Brain Fog Fix or Heal Your Drained Brain, you probably already have a deep understanding of how taking care of your body and taking care of your brain go hand in hand–and some practical knowledge about ways you can do so. Both articles provide recipes, and they explain how vitamins and amino acids support neurotransmitter production. The takeaway is that you want your brain, just like your body, to be like an Olympic athlete doing interval training, with short bursts of all-out sprints between low-intensity periods. That type of training helps an athlete’s cardiovascular system improve and become flexible. Then the body is capable of handling fast sprints, endurance runs, or anything that’s required during a race. By the same token, you want your brain to be able to alternate between sprinting beta brain waves and strolling theta brain waves. Generally speaking, exercise is a good thing. But if you sprinted for 18 hours a day, that would be bad for your joints. You may experience leg cramps, a blocked nose, and strange and vivid dreams (see box, p. Note that a blocked nose (which may cause you to snore) can be a sign of increased blood pressure, so make sure you mention it to your doctor or midwife. Some studies claim that your sleeping position can affect the health of your baby. Avoid sleeping on your back after 16 weeks of pregnancy, as the weight of the baby can put pressure on your blood vessels, and sleep on your left side to increase the blood-flow through the baby. However, if you wake up and find yourself on your back or on your right side, don’t fret – simply turn over. If you’re worried that you’ll turn in your sleep, putting a pillow behind your back as you lie on your left can help you stay in position.

Keep your knees pulled up toward your bump. If your hips begin to ache (which may be caused by the loosening of the ligaments around your pelvis), sleep with a pillow between your knees. SLEEP SCIENCE PMS, PCOS AND SLEEP To protect your clothes further, turn them inside out and put them into a mesh bag or pillowcase before putting them into the machine. Dry knits by spreading them out on a flat surface; Out, damn moths Modern houses that are warm and well insulated, mild winters, and the increase in popularity of vintage clothes and furnishings have led to a massive boom in the clothes-moth population – English Heritage reports this has more than doubled in five years. If you have a cluttered house, you’re more susceptible to moths because they thrive in dark, crammed, unaired wardrobes and drawers. They are particularly drawn to dirty clothes and find sweat, body oils and food spills ambrosial. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. When people tell me to tuck a few lavender bags or cedar balls about the place, it’s all I can do not to laugh in their faces. This might make moths marginally less likely to visit you on their holidays, but it will do precisely nothing if you have an infestation of these creatures made from dust and hatred. This is what you need to do: Alternatively, cook until stalks (or the densest part of the veggie) are soft enough for your liking; When the vegetables are cooked use a cloth to lift the steamer basket out. Tip the boiling water away, return the basket of veggies to the pan and replace the lid to keep hot until needed. MAKE MASHED POTATOES Floury, fluffy potato varieties make particularly excellent mashed potatoes. Although you can mash most potatoes, waxy types make it harder to achieve a good result and fingerling or new potatoes are often too dense for the job.

We see the new Jerusalem

There are several ways to use the headphones included with an AVE device and simultaneously hear the SVT audio tracks included with this article. Use external speakers to listen to the SVT audio tracks, and use headphones for the AVE device. Or use two sets of headphones, one for AVE and one for SVT: over-the-ear type for AVE and in-ear type for SVT. You can also just use the glasses from the AVE device without the headphones if you prefer–as a visual entrainment-only option with SVT. Finally, a growing uterus within the pelvis in the first three months of pregnancy begins to put pressure on the bladder, which in turn increases how often the bladder feels full. The result is that both during the day and during the night, a woman in early pregnancy needs far more trips to the loo. At night, this can significantly disrupt a good night’s sleep. The best way to try to minimize nighttime trips to the loo is to ensure that you get the majority of your fluids before 7pm in the evening. Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol in the evening altogether – you should in any case drink these to a minimum while you’re pregnant. All these drinks are diuretic, which means that they pass through your system quickly and increase the need to urinate. Sleep during the second trimester Between four and six months of pregnancy, hormone levels settle down and the uterus moves out of the pelvis to make space for the growing baby, temporarily relieving pressure on the bladder. This is probably the time in your pregnancy when you’re least likely to need the loo in the night. However, other things conspire to disrupt sleep. It makes your clothes soft, is good for the machine (particularly if you live in a hard-water area) and I promise it doesn’t make your clothes smell like a chip shop (see In praise of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda). Don’t add fabric conditioner to washes that contain towels, microfibre cloths and some sportswear as it makes them less absorbent. Do not dry clean If you’re at all inclined to procrastination (hello, you’re a living, breathing, decluttering-article-buying person, that’s why we’re all here), do not buy dry-clean-only clothes. They will sit in a bag in your hallway until you can’t remember whether or not that tomato stain is part of the pattern. But if you lost your head for a moment and bought that dry-clean-only thing, all is not lost.

Yes, Cinderella, you may wear it more than once in a millennium. Because the truth is, most clothes with that procrastinator-unfriendly label on them can quite easily be washed at home – it’s just clothes manufacturers covering themselves because they don’t trust us to clean our own stuff properly. Of course, don’t put your cashmere coat on a hot wash, but most cotton, linen, polyester and woollen knits can be gently hand-washed or put through a cool delicates wash in your machine. Test an inconspicuous area for colour fastness first by dipping the corner of a clean, white cloth in diluted detergent and rubbing it against the fabric. Ladle onto cooked spaghetti and sprinkle with grated Parmesan. STEAM VEGETABLES Not only is steaming vegetables simple to do, but it comes with benefits: more nutrients are retained; It’s not necessary to invest in an electric or tiered stove-top steamer; First, place your steamer basket into a saucepan and fill the pan with cold water until it almost reaches up to the floor of the basket. Too much water and you will be boiling the bottom layer of veggies; Prepare your chosen vegetable and place in the basket. Put the pan lid on, ensuring that it fits tightly to prevent the steam from escaping. Bring the water to the boil, then turn down the heat sufficiently to maintain the steam. Most packaged vegetables from supermarkets state the number of minutes required for steaming in the cooking instructions. The mind is your slave. This is our true reality. Disciple – Stepping aside from yoga slightly, Where is the mind? Is it located in your head? The scientific answer to that is the brain. It is common knowledge from what I have read and understood, that all the fascinating features of our mind, are born from the grey matter inside our heads.

The brain is the organ of our behaviour. The brain’s 100 billion neurons and its some 100 trillion connections contain the physical embodiment of our personalities, knowledge, our character, memories, thoughts and emotions. Science would say that technically there is no such thing as the mind. The mind is only an expression of the various neural circuits that are part of our brains. It seems to require less work and the potential for making money is even greater. Or you hear about a new body workout that seems to be working wonders. Everybody is talking about it over the internet. Perhaps you should try it out. Then, what do you do? You jump ship, believing the grass is greener on the other side. You forget about the months you spent working on your business venture and start a new one in the hottest new niche. You abandon your current workout plan for the trendy new one, hoping it will be more effective. Guess what? You’re now on a new high. As our client Nick discovered, you first need to be aware of your own talents and blind spots and understand how they show up in different situations. Now it’s time for you to learn how to recognize and utilize the thinking talents of others. There are three specific situations where knowing someone’s thinking talents is immensely helpful: Let’s start by looking at how to use thinking talents to strengthen your connection and increase your influence with someone else. Increasing your influence does not mean forcing other people to think the way you do. Being influenced does not mean having to agree with someone else.

Rather, influence involves creating permeability in your thinking so that collaboration can naturally emerge between you and another person. This means you are willing to stretch your mind and become more curious about that other person, rather than sealing yourself off in an isolated bubble with your own opinions. The way you influence another person is unconscious in most situations. In the well-worn paths of habitual thinking, you either like someone or not; Happily, that solution did not need to be put to the test. One summer evening a bedbound man’s bed was wheeled out into the garden. Things were busy and the staff only realized he was still in the garden in the early hours of the morning. These things happened. There were no Datix forms or SIRIs (Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation), which have so helped improve patient safety. There was also no `duty of candour’ whereby every incident, however minor, must be reported to the next of kin, often serving only to undermine confidence in the service. Staff got to know the patients and their relatives very well. Families would help with the gardening. The husband of one patient continued to visit the ward daily for months after she had died. It had become his world and the staff his family. When I had other options, I could easily dismiss his pro-wrestling demeanor (which makes me a hypocrite, I admit, since I’m no different at times, too). I also dismissed his supporters, some of whom were my friends and relatives. But when he won, I gave up my pet animus, and could see the appeal that I missed because I was toggling between other candidates. Fact is, I thought what I was seeing in Trump was old news, but what his supporters were seeing was actually new. I was jaded by the glare of my own profession, while my friends and relatives, being normal Americans, were enamored. Ironically, the radical that the Left had dreamed of for America–their version of Che or Castro–actually had arrived.

He was just a rich guy with wild orange hair in a baggy suit, instead of a rich guy in designer fatigues who could quote Howard Zinn. And, of course, he was on the other side. The Left should have seen that. But they didn’t. But more often, she just couldn’t seem to remember the facts. At her very last school, her teacher made the kids do timed drills each day, and the anxiety that spilled over at home from the teacher calling her lazy or careless made our daughter sick and her parents furious. The fact was that we’d sung songs, practiced on the abacus, used every Montessori concrete tool there was, bought iPad and smart phone apps (specialized programs for mobile technology), and any other thing I could dream up. Nothing helped, and daily math work was becoming dreaded by both of us. Rote memory through flashcards and worksheets is not learning. It is simply memorization. And I appreciate that Montessori and other philosophies like it place so little emphasis on fact regurgitation. Explains Duffy (2008, p. Indeed, a typically developing brain will, after repeated exposure, eventually remember that 3 + 5 = 8 and 15 – 9 = 6 without forcing the issue. The brain of an Aspie – including fact recall and working memory – doesn’t develop the way a neurotypical child’s does; She’s talking about up to 100 percent accuracy. This effect is far from being proven, however. Many more replications under tightly controlled conditions will be needed. For example, care will need to be taken to ensure that the child and mother are sufficiently separated so that there is no doubt that the child is not being given cues by the mother. This can be challenging because some autistic children throw a fit when separated from their caretaker. But Dr Powell isn’t the only researcher to observe this phenomenon.

The holy grail we seek

Patriotic songs were sung and tea and cake consumed with relatives. On another occasion Brenda organized a trip down the Basingstoke Canal for those able to sit in wheelchairs. She asked what she should do if one of the patients were to drop dead. I had no idea, so I suggested she carry on regardless. I think of them as helium-free trial balloons–colorful but going nowhere. So I’m still looking for Bernie’s good idea. My guess is that he started with the goals first, and still hasn’t figured out how to get there, besides confiscating wealth. And I don’t like that, especially since he’s had decades to figure it out, and hasn’t. Joe Rogan just endorsed him (I am writing this in mid-January 2020) for being consistent. He’s right: Bernie’s been consistent. Throughout history he’s backed the wrong horse from the luxury of a capitalist country where he can do that without ever happening upon a gulag. But I can still like him. The way you like your quirky uncle who wears Kleenex boxes on his feet and never picks up a check. As for the president, I’ve written about Trump before. I just noticed. All the odd numbers are on one side, and all the evens are on the other. And back the blocks went on their base. Yeah, I’d agree. That is pretty cool, kiddo. Special Asper-needs

I was seeing over and over that, though the environment of a Montessori school would not work for my Asperkids, taken into a more Aspie-friendly setting, the materials worked wonderfully for really ingraining the concrete realities of quantitative concepts. But we were running into a stumbling block with my daughter. Although she had been practicing basic addition and subtraction facts for four years and could demonstrate that she understood the concepts, her accuracy without manipulatives was very poor – maybe 40-50 percent. Sometimes the issue was attention deficits. For example, studies have been conducted by Diane Powell, MD, who earned her medical degree at Johns Hopkins University and is a former Harvard Medical School faculty member. She is currently a practicing neuropsychiatrist. In April 2017 she reported findings of a boy who is able to read his mother’s mind when she simply looks at and thinks about randomly generated numbers or words. In these instances, the boy does not see the numbers or words himself. And yet he knows the numbers and words his mother sees. As Dr Powell reports: In June 2016 I tested a 15-year-old autistic boy named Akhil, who types independently and was. I returned in April 2017 to test him. We used randomized five-digit numbers, words, and nonsense words chosen in advance. His answers contained typing errors, but otherwise were 100 percent accurate. Whereas the ganzfeld studies, the dream studies, the sense of being stared at studies, and the telephone telepathy experiments were all statistically significant, what Dr Powell shows blows statistics out of the water. In the beginning, it felt reckless to post even these posed images . I was daring to document ALL of me, and that was radical. But as I shared these images more and more, I noticed that no one was blinded, traumatized, or offended. No one died. No one stabbed their eyes out, and in fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the feedback was occasionally positive and complimentary. It seems obvious, right?

But it was new to me after being SO conditioned to hate myself. I honest to god didn’t think that would be the outcome. Emboldened, I wrote a post where I broke up with Flattering. The letter went like this: Sprinkle some bicarb into the toilet, then spray or pour a generous amount of white vinegar around the toilet bowl and leave for 15 minutes, before scrubbing with a toilet brush. Clean sinks. For sparkling sinks, sprinkle some bicarb around the sink area and scrub with a wet sponge, then rinse well. Clean plugholes. I absolutely love the foamy goodness that white vinegar and bicarb create and they work a treat for cleaning and removing odours from plugholes. Start by pouring hot water down the plughole, then sprinkle with a couple of tablespoons of bicarb and leave for five minutes. Next pour in a glug of white vinegar and wait for 15 minutes while the magic happens, then rinse with hot water. Done regularly, this will not only mean clean plugholes, but you’ll prevent blockages, too. Never use a combo of bicarb and vinegar or lemon juice on your antique silver. And don’t leave any leftover mixture in a sealed container – it could react and explode; Emo is like punk rock, but with emotional lyrics. Punk rock is like rock ‘n’ roll, only with faster guitars and drums and mohawks. Early 2000s screamo was not a mainstream genre. But a certain subculture of (mostly teenage) fans obsessed over it. Sonny’s voice, with Richter’s and Good’s guitars, nailed the sound. Everyone was excited.

Especially Sonny. From First to Last recorded his vocals, released the album, and articleed a monthlong tour. Like screamo, the Internet was experiencing its own surge among teenagers: social networking, which had brought FFTL together in the first place. As more households acquired high-speed Web access, and as playing with computers shifted from nerdy to mainstream, kids were spending more and more time in chat rooms, forums, and social networks. Ella reaches out to pet the dog (behaviour). Every time she pets a dog, her fear of dogs lessens. She is still a bit afraid of bigger dogs, so that will take a bit more practice. What changed Ella’s thinking about dogs was that her parents encouraged her to face her fear in a very gradual way. They used what is called a `fear ladder’, starting with what she was least afraid of (looking at photos of dogs) and then slowly moving up to what she was most afraid of (standing near a dog at the park). See Appendices for steps on how to make your own fear ladder. This took a while and wasn’t easy, but with plenty of help from her family and friends, Ella realised that the dogs she met were not as scary as she once thought. Once her thoughts changed, her body got the signal to feel more relaxed, and now she’s even able to pet a dog! Shakespeare here reminds us that everything we hear, smell, touch, taste and feel in the world is filtered by our thoughts about it. If we see the world as being a dangerous place, then we’ll end up feeling scared and avoiding what we think is scary. Her subsequent feeling of euphoria ignited a passion to keep swimming. Two years later, Emily was swimming 2:24. While her big-picture vision is well and truly planted in her psyche, it is her commitment to daily actions and behaviours that ensures her incremental improvements. She trains 11 times a week, three of those in the gym and eight in the pool, and has to sacrifice a lot along the way. As Emily shares, `Usually I get friends asking to catch up or go out on the weekend or to a party but most of the time I have a swim meet and as hard as it is to say no I have to because I know that I have a goal to reach and to reach that goal I have to train’. Success isn’t something you simply stumble upon.

It’s a reward for having ceaseless tenacity and a consistent and repetitive commitment to the right behaviours. According to self-development speaker Brian Tracy (who has authored over 70 articles! When I think about establishing and committing to good behaviours and habits to achieve a goal, I think about Emily and her 11 training sessions a week. Imagine what you could achieve if, just like Emily, you implemented the equivalent of your own training program? Black beans are bland and warm, capable of nourishing yin, reinforcing the kidney, replenishing blood, and improving eyesight. This porridge is particularly effective for those who have a poor eyesight due to a deficiency in the liver and kidney, because it helps blood circulation, moistens the skin, nourishes the liver and kidney, and improves eyesight. Moreover, the porridge is also very effective in invigorating the brain and improving hearing. For two weeks, Ms. Zhu had been eating this porridge in the morning and at night. As a result, her eyesight improved and she could see clearly. I once had a friend who was 62 and very forgetful. What’s worse, his hearing was poor, too, and thus he made a fool of himself on many occasions. He liked to play cards, but often made mistakes due to his poor hearing. He often felt a cicada was chirping in his ears. If you are extremely light-sensitive and get headaches or migraines, placing a tissue behind the AVE glasses softens the visual effect. If you are visually challenged, blind, hard of hearing, or deaf, AVE will work with just the sound or the light. However, AVE is more effective if you can use both light and sound. Use The 3/12/7 Method simultaneously with the AVE device on the theta brain wave setting to enhance subconscious brain activation. Most people prefer to keep the AVE device on for the entire session. However, some people just like to use the AVE to help them activate their subconscious brains and then prefer to turn the device off at some point during the SVT practice.

A song of harmony and rhyme

Let’s come up with a different cycle for the same situation. There is a child called Ella who had once been afraid of dogs but has since met dogs who are friendly and harmless (behaviour). When she meets a little dog, instead of thinking, `This dog is going to bite me,’ she now thinks, `This dog is so cute’ (thought). Having this thought makes her calm and happy (feeling). What are the one or two things you could do to get your plates spinning more in alignment with what you’d like? What help do you need? Keep coming back to this self-assessment throughout the year and at key times. It’s amazing how simple, yet effective, it is for recognising when and where you need to slow down or speed up. Decide on your triage Take the time to consider your three critical questions for your decision-making triage. This will help you say `yes’ to the things that really matter and `no’ to the things that could potentially distract you or take you off course. My niece Emily started swimming 200-metre backstroke competitively when she was 10 years old. She recalls one race, when she was 12, when she was standing in the marshalling room and feeling so nervous that she started crying. It was only her mum shouting, `You can do it, Em’ that made her jump in the pool, push through and achieve a personal best race time of 3:03:78 and with this a qualification for the Adelaide State Championship. It is thus named because both the ingredients and the porridge they produce are black. The recipe is as follows: Ingredients: Black sesame seeds (20 g), black beans (20 g), and black rice (20 g). Black sesame seeds. Cooking method: First, roast the black sesame seeds and black beans, then grind them into powder. Wash the black rice clean.

Then, cook the rice over a medium heat until it is done. Finally, add the powder into the porridge and continue to boil until the whole mixture is thoroughly cooked. According to traditional Chinese medicine, black food nourishes the kidney, the condition of which is closely associated with that of eyes. Bland and mild, sesame seeds benefit yin and moisten the respiratory tract. Or you’ll become completely blind to triggers. We can even rewire the brain to make donuts taste a bit like a toilet seat if you’d really like to be done with them. AVE can also be used for other purposes. On the beta, alpha, and delta settings, it’s a beneficial, drug-free, stand-alone treatment to aid focus, relaxation, and sleep, respectively. Although you have to buy an AVE device, it is a onetime cost. So if AVE replaces a lifetime of medication, it can actually save you money in the long run. More importantly, it can prevent the need for drugs in the first place. AVE may even help to boost neuroplasticity (your brain’s ability to change and reorganize itself), making it an effective long-term strategy for brain health. No wonder so many people feel so relieved and excited to learn of the abilities of the subconscious brain. The AVE device I recommend on my website has different settings of intensity, so you can maximize or minimize the light and sound. In general, research suggests that pregnant women have less deep sleep, and less dreaming and more drowsy sleep than non-pregnant women. There’s some evidence to suggest that lack of sleep during pregnancy may lead to pre-term delivery or may increase your chances of suffering post-natal depression. For these reasons, and for your own ability to cope with the demands of pregnancy, it’s important to do everything you can to optimize your chances of sleeping well while you’re carrying a baby. Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. The first occurs from conception to three months, the second from four to six months, and the third from seven months until birth. In a study of 300 pregnant women, the rate of nighttime awakenings increased by 63 percent in the first trimester, 80 percent in the second and 84 percent in the third, suggesting that insomnia develops with the developing baby.

Sleep during the first trimester From the moment of her baby’s conception, a woman’s body goes through innumerable hormonal changes aimed at ensuring she carries her baby to term. Some of these hormones increase the blood-flow through the body by up to a third, while increases in progesterone (up to 5,000 times pre-pregnancy levels) relax the smooth muscles of the bladder. This means that on the one hand more blood is being flushed through the kidneys, creating more waste (urine), and on the other, the bladder itself is weaker. A good delicates cycle and wool wash, as well as the ability to manually set the temperature to 20oC or even lower for most cycles, will also cut down on trips to the dry cleaner’s, which you are likely to procrastinate yourself out of anyway (see Do not dry clean). Sorry to get all Mommie Dearest, but gradually replace wire hangers with ones that are kinder to your clothes. Wooden or padded hangers are great but take up a lot of space on the rail. I like non-slip hangers, which are coated in a sort of Fuzzy-Felt material. They’re cheap and can be picked up at most homeware stores and online. Laundry products How many products do you really need? Probably fewer than you think. I’m not huge on getting a special one for delicates or woollens, or for hand washing; I just use less of my regular one. Add the onion and carrot and cook gently for 5 minutes, or until the onion is translucent and the carrot softened. Add the garlic and cook for a further minute. Meanwhile, add the lamb to a hot frying pan and turn it quickly with two wooden spoons or spatulas. Brown until there is no visible raw meat. Drain the fat from the meat into a dish and set aside. Add the browned lamb to the pan of softened vegetables.

Add all the other ingredients and heat until bubbling. Turn down to a simmer and cook with the lid off for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. If the sauce becomes too thick add a splash of water. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Another man, who was standing alongside the road, shouted, Mulla, Where are you going? I don’t know! Ask the horse! In this story, the horse symbolises one’s mind. The story tells us how we live. We are literally slaves of our mind. Our mind will drag us here and drag us there and we are ultimately left lost and exhausted. Yoga is controlling one’s mind. Yoga means to create a union between you and this state of `no-mind’. Here, the mind exists, but it is no longer pulling you here and there. Starting something new can be exciting. You may already see yourself making truckloads of money or developing a six-pack from your work in the gym. However, after a few weeks or months, the initial excitement will start to wear off as you realize you haven’t made as much progress as you hoped. Although you worked hard every day, the results you initially envisioned have failed to materialize. You thought you would make money with your online business but haven’t made any. You’ve been to the gym for a few weeks, but the six-pack is nowhere to be seen.

Then, you start doubting. Perhaps that niche you chose for your business isn’t the right one. Perhaps the workout plan from this world-famous fitness coach doesn’t work for you. Then you hear about a new niche that looks promising. Using the tools in this article, identify your five or six predominant thinking talents by what makes you feel energized and grows your excellence. To recognize your thinking talents: Shadow attributes are thinking talents disguised as deficits. Awareness can transform a shadow attribute into a thinking talent. Identify shadow attributes in familiar behaviors to help you uncover and develop the thinking talents beneath them. Transform a shadow attribute into a talent by naming it, containing it, and aiming it. Each of the thinking talents is categorized into one of four cognitive styles. Organize your thinking talents into their cognitive styles (analytic, procedural, relational, innovative) to best leverage them. The word ubuntu means that a person becomes human through other persons. In the previous article, you identified your own thinking talents and cognitive styles. None of the nursing staff knew about these feeding tubes and it fell out. Brenda fed him orally and when I returned a fortnight later our patient was much better. The power of old-fashioned nursing. Men would be given a bottle of beer and smokers would be wheeled out into the garden and covered in a fireproof blanket so they could puff on their pipes or cigarettes. On the fiftieth anniversary of the D-Day landings the ward was bedecked with the flags of the Allies. Sister Brenda arrived on the ward wearing a homburg hat and waving a mock cigar in honour of Winston Churchill.

Around the countryside and towns

There is a Sufi story that I remember from when I was younger. It happened. A horse suddenly came galloping quickly down the road. It seemed as though the man riding the horse, the Sufi seeker Mullah Nasreddin, had somewhere important to go. Conversely, if you fail to develop the proper mindset, none of the programs will work for you. We’ll talk in depth about what the correct mindset is in the section, Developing a Mastery Mindset. You often hear people say they have great ideas. However, like information, ideas are only valuable when you can implement them successfully in the real world. Anyone can come up with a decent business idea that would work, yet very few people go on to execute it successfully. Remember this: your ability to execute is key. In fact, this is far more important than the quality and quantity of the ideas or information you have. When you put into practice what you learn consistently over a long period of time, things will start changing for you. Of this, I am absolutely certain. 2) You get high on the initial excitement Her shoulders relaxed and her face lit up as she said, I still have no idea how I’ll get there, but now I can’t wait to get started! The strategy of thinking talents will truly light you up. It will keep you from getting stuck and burned out in habitual thinking and it will make you feel more fully alive when approaching a new challenge. Each time you use it, the world will appear more full of possibilities and your contribution to it more apparent. It will energize the innate desire you have to make a difference, and it will help you find your way around dark corners guided by someone else’s brightness. Thinking talents are your innate ways of thinking.

They help you understand your own potential and learn to recognize and connect with the gifts of others. To create breakthrough thinking, consider how you can engage the most energized talent of each person in your group, including yourself. Knowing your thinking talents will give you energy, help you excel at work, and prevent burnout. Three forces can prevent you from recognizing your thinking talents: He would give an injection of water and say that this was their only chance. If the patient died, then all concerned were comforted by the belief that the doctor had tried his best. If the patient made it through the crisis, the doctor would be lauded as brilliant. Perhaps more deception than show business. In long-stay geriatric wards, as in general practice, it’s the personality of the staff that does most to make patients feel better. I have always been amazed at how patients with even severe dementia still understand humour. I suppose if a three-month-old baby with no language can chuckle when you blow a raspberry on its tummy, then there is no reason why a dement, equally bereft of language, shouldn’t laugh at some comical gesture from the ward sister. I was definitely the Ernie Wise of our duo. And Brenda’s healthy disrespect for the over-medicalization of her patients’ problems improved the quality of many waning lives, I’m sure. A man once arrived on the ward emaciated after a long stay in the general hospital with a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube in place. But not without reminding us how hysteria works against actual progress. Bernie isn’t an idiot, even if he favors an idiotic ideology. He just favors the whole of something (socialism) when in fact part of his prescriptions can be useful in certain situations (a safety net–what kind of crazy Wallenda complains about that? I just favor a vibrant free market economy that allows for a strong safety net that Bernie could never create in his failed socialist fantasies. Occupy Wall Street was an urban-camping farce that culminated in idiotic gestures, litter, noise, and crime. But since its implosion, I’ve met endearing minds who were part of it.

They had legitimate beefs about Wall Street that were worth listening to, and maybe I should have listened more than condemned them (which I would have done if a few of their ugliest elements had not assaulted people). I still don’t think Bernie has even two good ideas to rub together but I have to listen to him and respond, because dismissing him changes no minds at all. Smart people can end up doing dumb things–watch me around last call–but writing them off entirely makes you a simplistic jerk. Bernie believes he’s right–and I want to know how he can justify some of his beliefs that I believe have no evidence to support them. When the five-year-old uses the tower, he’s challenged to look at a two-dimensional representation (an abstract depiction) of a particular block arrangement. He has to try to select and match various sized pink cubes to their two-dimensional representations – something he finds very hard. Then, he has to analyze exactly how the blocks need to be laid out on the ground so that they make the same pattern as in the picture; Are corners touching? Which ones? Does that go to the right or to the left? The blocks are actually concrete representations of the numbers 1-10, and the tower is, really, a vertical number line. After playing with the tower for some weeks, I asked him to count the blocks, and then he matched a corresponding number to each, with the smallest block receiving the label 1 and so on. After struggling with but finally conquering one particular layout in which he’d had to arrange the blocks in a corner-to-corner alternating pattern, he stepped back and examined the results before him. Mom, he said quizzically. In a similar example, with different twins, one twin felt `this sharp pain in my finger’ a couple of minutes before her sister slammed a door on her finger, [saying] `I felt it before it happened to her’37 [emphasis in original]. Dr Larry Dossey notes similar examples: A five-month-old identical twin awakens as the clock strikes ten, and suddenly begins crying. After 15 minutes he stops, as if a switch was turned. At a hospital several miles away, his brother is having a painful injection. His mother notes the time as 10 pm. In a similar report, the mother of another pair of five-month-old identical twins reports that when one of them is having an inoculation he takes it calmly, but the other one `yells his head off.

If one examines these reports through the lens of mainstream materialist science, it would be easy to dismiss them as chance occurrences or as inaccurate accounts. But in the context of an interconnected reality–a nonlocally entangled universe–in which consciousness is not confined to the brain, the stories seem plausible and worthy of investigation. Telepathy in autistic savants More extreme telepathy is demonstrated in studies on autistic savants. Selfies and self-portraits have been a powerful tool for me since the beginning of my fat acceptance days. When I first started blogging about body image, I joined in on a challenge put forth by Rachele of The Nearsighted Owl called I Am Proud of My Size. The goal was for bloggers to take full-body pictures of themselves and post them unapologetically . At the time, this was the ultimate step outside my comfort zone. Always enthralled with a challenge, I posted images weekly, bolstered by the support of other bloggers who participated. As time progressed, I started to learn a lot about my relationship with my body. How it really looked to the world, how that felt, and the fact that I only felt comfortable presenting it in poses that I deemed flattering. It was a pretty limited repertoire, and mostly consisted of a hand on my hip with my stomach sucked in and my double chin hidden. Some called it a teacup; I called it flattering. However, it is also a fab cleaner pretty much anywhere in the home: Scrub dishes and remove stains. Sprinkle some bicarb on half a lemon and use as an abrasive cleaner. Clean your hairbrushes. Mix one teaspoon of bicarb with a little warm water and use to clean your hairbrushes. Cleaner, brighter whites.

Add one small cup of bicarb to a load of laundry along with your regular detergent. Minimise litter-tray odour. Sprinkle a little bicarb in your cat-litter tray and then put the litter on top to prevent unpleasant smells. Remove toilet stains. Sorry, we just don’t want to add another guitar to the mix, Richter told him. But Sonny had come a long way and smelled of desperation, so they let him hang around. He was cool with it and understood, but just wanted to hang out with us anyway, Richter says. Sonny found a place to stay and showed up to the studio day after day, eyes wide, helping out however he could. And then one day everything changed. He was singing in the studio, and we were pretty surprised by his range and tone, Richter recalls. So we had him step into the booth. As soon as he sang into the mic, we knew that he needed to be the singer. Popular emerging bands like The Used were killing it by singing epic high notes, he explains, and Sonny’s voice fit perfectly into the new, `screamo’ style that was becoming more and more popular. Quick etymology lesson: Screamo is like emo, but with screaming. Having this thought makes her body get ready to fight, run away or freeze. Feeling her heart rate go up and her belly tighten makes seeing the dog even scarier for Ella. As a result, her behaviour changes. She stays away from the park near her house in case she meets a dog, which is sad because she doesn’t get to play with her friends there any more. Ella will continue to be afraid of dogs as long as she avoids them: Fear of dogs

Living in this world of lies

Twitter was merely the vehicle for the toxic Big Gulp the media created. Fact is, you need a reputable force to make the story real, and that isn’t social media. Finding stuff takes time, even for the Washington Post, and that may mean no lunch. So the establishment media resorted to social media to give the narrative sufficient gravity, before it was unleashed. Working inside the media, and standing outside of it, I see it for what it is. It’s a narrative-making machine, and it alone chooses the direction the machine takes. After watching how fast the Jeffrey Epstein saga evaporated after his death, I realized that the media picks and chooses its stories, and decides when to let them go, or turn up the juice. You can feel the gears shifting, with almost any story. In these private notes, it seemed to me that my distant friend was reaching out to help me. Psalm 27, she wrote, was one of her favorites when feeling alone. It spoke of being kept safe from enemies who surround and attack, of feeling special, not condemned, of being protected and loved. It was as if, very much alive somewhere in time, Laura knew I needed her. I can say for certain that my lifelong habit of seeking solace in faith began with what felt like advice from my friend, Laura. I was no fool. I knew full well that I was 12 years old, growing up an only child in late twentieth century suburbia, not a member of the Ingalls clan on the mid to late nineteenth century frontier. But maybe, just maybe, there was a way out. McClure wrote, Sometimes it felt like there was a trick to it, that if I held this thing [from Wilder’s time] long enough I’d somehow be more human than I was now (McClure 2011, p. There was a part of me – a very real, very deep and very powerful part of me – that hoped if I could devour enough names and dates and places, God would send me to a time and a place far away where I truly belonged. How is it that these nonphysical thoughts and feelings of the mind magically arise from the physical matter of the brain? How is it that trillions of cells in the human body come together in a way that allows nonphysical conscious experience to emerge?

This is precisely what makes the hard problem of consciousness so difficult to solve. We don’t have an answer. As stated by philosopher Alva Noe: After decades of concerted effort on the part of neuroscientists, psychologists, and philosophers, only one proposition about how the brain makes us conscious–how it gives rise to sensation, feeling, subjectivity–has emerged unchallenged: we don’t have a clue. We can’t rely on an assumption that neuroscience will someday provide the answer. Should we simply wait for an answer that may never come? Even Nobel laureate Francis Crick looked at this issue. Many know of Crick as the brilliant scientist who changed the world by codiscovering the double helix structure of DNA with James Watson. Few know that he then devoted the rest of his life to trying to prove that the brain produces consciousness. It’s important to note that, while the focal points of the beauty ideal often change to maintain maximum control, several prerequisites have always been mandatory since the politicization of this ploy: thinness, whiteness, youthfulness, and the flawlessness that comes from visual alteration of photographs. ALL of these are still relevant today. Right here. But in addition to this, we also see a social reflex, or a new way to suppress women and their self-esteem whenever liberation is found. This has been a historical constant. For example: when women decided to liberate themselves from the overly feminine look, magazines endorsed the nude look so women could look natural while still subscribing to the standard of pretty that they were trying to avoid. When women started to reclaim their reproductive rights, it is no coincidence that the average model weight dropped to 23 percent below the average woman’s weight. But, as we silly women are wont to do, we’ve continued to liberate ourselves in new ways, year after year. In response, there’s an always-evolving beauty myth (or definition of pretty and desirable) that introduces a new domination technique to compensate for each of our newfound powers. What about today? Put your shoes away neatly in the designated place. Check drawers and cupboards regularly and keep them tidy.

Air the bedroom every day to keep it smelling fresh. Light a fragrant candle in the bedroom to relax. Choose well. Display what you love. Make it last. Declutter Your Children’s Bedrooms If there’s just one part of the house that we wish could magically tidy itself, it would probably be our kids’ bedrooms, especially if they double up as a playroom, study and den. Thanks to the constant introduction of new articles, toys, clothes, toiletries and all the other clutter that children accumulate, whatever their age, these rooms seem to get messier and more out of control by the day. The head anesthesiologist became the lollipop man, standing back to observe and direct. And everyone shut up. Before long, the hospital had reduced its worst handover errors by 66 percent. AFTER TRAINING WITH MASTER handover artists, the GOSH team created a life-saving shift at the hospital. The Formula 1 mentorship clearly worked out for them, and probably better than if the doctors had asked handover experts from another hospital for help. But what about the training made it work, especially when so many other mentorship relationships don’t? The answer comes from the research of a young psychologist named Christina M. Underhill, who in the early 2000s noticed something troubling. Like most of us, she’d grown up with Star Wars and other heroes-with-mentors storylines. But when she dug into the academic side of mentorship, she observed that most studies were either scientifically unsound, or produced contradictory results. For some children who don’t even feel deserving of help, these labels encapsulate a reductionist and simplistic view that could further increase the distance between their anxiety and the help they truly deserve. We’ll be dealing with the idea of resilience and how to build it later in this article and throughout the article.

Before you can help your child, you need to help yourself: anxious parents One of the questions I inevitably ask parents of anxious children is: `Does your child remind you of anyone you know? Many anxious children I’ve worked with have a parent or caregiver who also struggles with anxiety. Whilst genes and temperament can predispose a child to becoming anxious, parental responses play a role in how their temperament develops over time. Up to 15 per cent of children are born with a temperament that is very reactive to anything new or unfamiliar. Children with a reactive temperament are more likely to develop anxiety if their parents over-protect them by letting them avoid things they are afraid of. Children with an anxious temperament need challenges which are `just right’, not too easy and not too tough, which will increase their belief in their ability to cope with a manageable amount of stress with support from their caregivers. Being a worrier and an overcontroller tends to run in families. How hungry are you? How hungry are you really? How badly do you want to achieve your goal? How much are you prepared to sacrifice along the way? How many people do you know who have said, `I really want X or Y’ and have set off with plans, roadmaps and vision boards, then four years later those plans are sitting untouched and forgotten because they weren’t prepared to give their absolute heart and soul, the pulse and the heartbeat, to getting X or Y? This doesn’t make them bad people, or bad leaders, or bad entrepreneurs. It accounts for 99 per cent of us who don’t have that fire in the belly for whatever it is we’ve set out to achieve. If you have that fire, however, you: Angela Duckworth talks to the concept of hunger in her TED Talk Grit : The power of passion and perseverance. Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals . We should learn to use what we take from others to benefit others, and what we take from society to benefit society. A blessing is the greatest when it benefits both sides.

This is also a truth of life. At the most critical moment of my illness, I was at my last gasp, weighing only 39 kilograms, and the number of the white blood cells in a milliliter of my blood fell below 1,800. When I went back to the Foguang Temple, many nuns prayed for me, offering me spiritual support. As a Buddhist and doctor, I took great pleasure in giving them lectures, because I knew my second life was given by them and I should do what I could to repay their kindness. Being grateful is one of the most beautiful things in this world. In Buddhism, there is a term transference, which means giving your most cherished thing to others. In fact, all the achievements, such as a bowl of food or a cup of water, are the result of combined efforts. However successful you might be, you must remain grateful, as your wealth is not created by you alone, but by all your employees as well. Noted hypnosis researcher Dr Herbert Spiegel (1914-2009), later a professor of psychiatry at Columbia, used hypnosis to treat traumatized soldiers in North Africa during World War II. He also used hypnosis to treat anxiety disorders and addiction. Despite his techniques being effective and magical, controversy surrounded their use during Spiegel’s early practice. He said, We are in debt to the quacks for keeping [the practice] alive until the medical community started to investigate and find out what a useful tool hypnotism is. Spiegel was one of the professionals who helped make hypnosis respectable and reputable, especially for use in medicine. In 1981, Spiegel was quoted as saying, The prevalent and wrong attitude in the practice of medicine is [to] use a pill or scalpel or a gadget for problem-solving. Modern medicine puts such extreme emphasis on high technology and drugs that it often overlooks the oldest, and at times the most effective, therapeutic instrument that humans possess–the mind. Medicine resorts to it last instead of first. His son, Dr David Spiegel, is carrying on his father’s work at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He recently published a hypnosis study with brain imaging. How comfortable is your bed? Very comfortable – I rarely wake up with aches and pains