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Someone with a discouraged borderline personality can be clingy and tends to go along with the crowd for fear of upsetting the people around them. They can behave in a somber and dejected manner. Below the surface, however, is an anger waiting to erupt. When it does so, it can lead sufferers to self-injury and even suicide. Petulant Borderline: A petulant borderline personality is characterized by a heightened sense of negativity. Sufferers of this form of BPD are often highly impatient, stubborn and resentful. They are sullen and defiant and feel easily slighted. Before you leave for your trip, don’t forget to consume essential fatty acids/fish oils to keep the skin’s moisture levels up. This means the skin is plumped and protected against the elements, and can resist the negative effects of in-flight air conditioning. Use a water spritz to keep your skin hydrated throughout your journey. Decant your favourite hydrating mask into a travel-sized pot to treat your skin and use cooling anti-inflammatory eye pads to keep this delicate, think-skinned area hydrated – go on, be that diva! Drinking water won’t do much for the skin by itself, but it is vital to hydrate cells. If you wear makeup, keep it minimal. Wear breathable, cotton clothing so the skin is not chafed and irritated while seated for long periods. Wear SPF – UVA rays beam through the windows of cars, trains and planes! When you arrive, use a gentle exfoliating product to lift the debris, dry skin and excess oil from the surface of the skin. Cover up as much as possible and regardless of your SPF’s factor or your skin colour, reapply every two hours. They are easily disillusion and disappointed in life. People with a petulant borderline personality disorder fluctuate between desperately relying on people and keeping their distance out of fear of being disappointed or let down. Their emotions are prone to swing between feelings of unworthiness and rage.

Impulsive borderline: Sufferers of impulsive borderline personalities are prone to histrionic or antisocial behavior. This form of BPD is characterized by frenetic, flighty behavior. They can often be flirty and charismatic, able to draw people to them. They are highly energetic and are constantly seeking the next thrill. However, when things do not go their way, sufferers are quick to become agitated, gloomy and irritable. They fear any form of loss, leading them to frequent suicidal tendencies. Self-destructive borderline: Self-destructive borderline personalities are often highly depressive and masochistic. What you could do is scale back slightly to your daily cleanser, your serum and SPF as well as any treatments you use regularly. Skin Diary Check-in: Have you done your homework? Now that you’re clued in in all things nerdie about the skin, it’s time to do an overall mini-analysis on yourself, using all the details you’ve noted so far and all the information you’ve learned. Crack out your magnifying glass, Nancy Drew. How many times do you get less than seven hours sleep? Is it 10 per cent of the time? Is it once per week? Is it more than 50 per cent of the time? If it’s more than 50 per cent of the time, that could be your culprit for dullness and dark circles. They carry around a constant sense of bitterness, which they regularly turn inwards. People with this form of BPD are often prone to self-harming and self-punishing. They are often angry, highly strung and moody and are prone to suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Their self-hatred is prone to reach extreme levels, leading them to many types of destructive behavior, ranging from reckless driving, to poor healthcare, to performing derogatory sexual acts. In addition to these four borderline types proposed by Million, psychologist Dr Christine Lawson also identified four types of borderline personalities in her article Understanding the Borderline Mother. Borderline Queen: Someone with a borderline queen personality is prone to perfectionism. They are prone to take mild criticism very personally and will become aggressive and indignant if anyone suggests they have made a mistake. Thanks to their perfectionism, borderline queens often disassociate from their own negative traits and emotions, believing them a flaw, so is often unable to accept his or her own mistakes. People with this borderline personality regularly feel the need to one-up people around them, particularly their therapists and loved ones. Borderline Waif: Unlike many other borderline types, the borderline waif does not exhibit a great deal of aggression or outward hostility. Were there more breakouts? Interestingly it can be twenty-eight days later that you see some agents of lifestyle change as this is the skin we see that is a result of the health at the lower layers one month prior. So prolonged stress can become visible one month post illness / post medication etc if only it was at the time; It could potentially be sluggish, grey, dull in appearance, somewhat lacklustre and in dire need of nutrition. As we now know the skin is an organ! It will be devoid of plentiful nutrition if the vital organs have required it. I personally find my skin’s healing ability to be less ie blemishes remain and the texture is rougher to the touch. Each person aka hooman is different and the diary helps you to discover your own pattern. I am always so prepared for it that I wouldn’t describe it as a stressful meeting – yet our bodies know better than us sometimes. I monitored my skin for three months and learned my skin’s behaviour around this monthly meeting. Instead, they appear to be fragile and victimized by all life has thrown at them. Waifs are generally depressed and discontented and worry easily. Borderline waifs believe themselves to be helpless victims and often refuse to accept help in order to keep their `victim’ mentality alive.

Borderline Witch: Someone exhibiting a borderline witch personality can be extremely aggressive and controlling. They seek to punish people for the smallest of indiscretions and are prone to borderline rage – the destruction of objects that are of value to those they believe have wronged them. Borderline witches are adept at black and white thinking, particularly when it comes to their loved ones. Parents with this personality will often idealize one of their children over the rest or seek to play one family member off against another. They are prone to using the thoughts and feelings of those around them a weapon, leading their loved ones to become withdrawn and restrained in their presence. Borderline witches can be extremely paranoid and suspicious, with their hostile behavior masking their own fear of loss of control. Borderline Hermit: People with a borderline hermit personality view the world as an inherently dangerous place. Similarly I travel long distances the first week of the month and monitor my skin’s reaction to the heat in the car and again I began to see a rhythm. The good news is I tweaked my supplements and skincare to boost immunity and the result the following month was visible; It puts you in the driving seat. You can’t change the destination (as sometimes stress or other things affecting our skin are unavoidable) but you can help the body’s means of coping with it. And keep filling in your diary – it’s a valuable tool in your skincare journey, and will help you track what’s helping and what might need changing. Keep it by your bed (along with your copy of this article! Thank you for reading – you are officially an honorary Nerd. You now have the basis of a wealth of skinformation. You understand why peptides, antioxidants and Vitamins A and C are key, why you have to pre-cleanse before you cleanse and why it is blasphemous to purposefully not wear SPF. You know the touch and feel of your skin; They have large amounts of paranoia and suspicion and have trouble trusting those around them. Thanks to their belief that everyone is out to get them, borderline hermits will withdraw from the world and isolate themselves. For many sufferers of a borderline hermit personality, the disorder stems from sexual abuse or other equally damaging childhood trauma.

What Are the Causes of Borderline Personality Disorder? As mentioned in article one, the causes of BPD, like many other mental disorders remain unclear. Experts believe BPD is unlikely to be caused by any single factor, but rather a combination of contributing elements. Some of the factors that are believed to contribute to this disorder include: Genetics: Having a parent with borderline personality disorder may make you more susceptible to the illness. Studies have shown that, in the case of identical twins, when one twin has the disorder, the other has a 2 in 3 chance of developing it as well. At present, however, there is no definitive proof that a gene exists for BPD, meaning genetics’ effect on borderline personality disorder is still under question. You now – I hope! You respect it (think of this every time you shower! You’re committed to investing in effective skingredients that will assist it to be as healthy as it can be. It can be a barometer for internal health. It certainly provides you with an opportunity to take five minutes both night and day to mind you. You are important. You are now ready to take your first steps on the path to optimal skin health – go you! Be savvy, smell less and lean on the education! Become a nerd and identity the aspects you’d like to change – it’s OK to not want pigmentation or broken capillaries. It’s not vanity; Issues with Chemicals in the Brain: Experts believe many people who suffer from BPD have problems with the neurotransmitters in their brain. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that act as messengers, transmitting signals between the brain cells. In particular, altered levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin are thought to play a part in the onset of BPD, as serotonin levels have been linked to depression, aggression and destructive urges.

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