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Consider the difference in the emotional reaction one is likely to experience in response to each of the following two statements: Negative, blaming statement: Take a mouthful of food. Feel the sun on your body Gaze into the stars at night. Enlivening Intelligence (Ojas) When intelligence is abundant and freely circulating in your body, all your physiological systems–cardiovascular, digestive, neurological, hormonal, and immune–function at their optimal level. Throughout the day, use the word Intelligence to enliven nourishment in every cell of your body. Think Intelligence whenever you: Take a sip of water. Walk along a natural body of water. Drink fresh fruit juices or other healthy beverages. It all stems from feeling fearful about birth, which is very, very sad, but, with focused effort and commitment, fear can be overcome. I’m not saying intervention is entirely avoidable because there are variables in pregnancy and birth that no amount of relaxation can negate, but the feelings of fear and the ensuing panic are. Being calm will put you in the best position to navigate your birth, however it pans out. It is true in every single case: the more relaxed you are, the better your birth will be. Fear Tension Pain When it comes to the initial fear that sets this cycle off, it could be a fear about labour and birth, a fear of pain or a fear of being in hospital. All lead to feelings of anxiety, stress and panic and the production of adrenaline. The woman then starts to experience pain, because the muscles send a message to the brain to say something is wrong and needs to stop.

It’s not the labour that’s wrong and it certainly doesn’t need to stop! The thing that’s wrong is that the uterus muscles don’t have enough oxygen to work properly. The boys loved it and looked forward to their lunchtime surprise. I loved it, too, knowing that as I was thinking about them at lunchtime, they would be thinking of me. Of course, by middle school, they asked me to stop sending notes on their bananas. They were too old. The boys really did get a kick out of it, but it never occurred to me that I was being artistic! As you read Living Skillfully, I hope that your own definition of creativity will blossom and expand. Creativity is not about being a Michelangelo. It lies in discovering your own way of sharing. It’s tucking a chocolate kiss into a husband’s jacket pocket, sharing the first rose of summer, drawing faces on a steamed-up window with a child, or baking an unexpected, extra-large thank-you cookie for a friend. I’m willing to bet that as you read, you will be amazed by how creative you already are–how many simple, beautiful things you do naturally that add that extra something special to your life and the lives of the people you love. How could you hand me this proposal to review when there are so many obvious errors in it? More appropriate statement: We have to talk about how this proposal made it to me for final review with so many obvious mistakes still in it. When using the word you or your, it is best intertwined with help-seeking statements, such as, Give me your sense of. Listen actively to the employee as he or she describes issues surrounding the performance problem. Make an effort to probe for what is being left unsaid. For example, Ms. Thurmond might reflect the feeling in Ms.

Jones’s explanations that she sounds very stressed and may be resentful about being stretched too thin. Select key issues and restrict yourselves to them. In addition to silently repeating these words to enliven energy, transformation, and intelligence while you breathe, eat, and drink, use them when you are exercising. Whenever you are performing a rhythmic activity–walking, jogging, swimming, riding your bicycle, or using a treadmill–silently repeat Energy, Transformation, Intelligence . Energy, Transformation, Intelligence . Prana, Tejas, Ojas . After a while, your habitual way of experiencing your body will change because your perceptions will have shifted. The Body as a River of Renewal Your body is not a mechanical structure fixed in time and space. It is a field of energy, information, and intelligence in dynamic exchange with your environment, capable of perpetual healing, renewal, and transformation. Sitting comfortably, close your eyes and take a full deep inhalation. Now, as you slowly exhale the air from your lungs, visualize your breath as a flow of molecules being released from every cell in your body. That’s why it feels painful. That’s why the woman’s brain is receiving a warning alert and she feels pain. The more painful it becomes, the more the woman starts to panic, thus producing more adrenaline and so enabling this negative cycle to continue. But do not worry, we are going to break the cycle. We are going to do this by removing the fear and equipping you with practical tools that you can use to remain calm and relaxed throughout birth. If you are calm in your mind and relaxed in your body, you won’t produce adrenaline and therefore you won’t experience increasing amounts of pain. In fact, quite the opposite: your labour will be more efficient, quick and comfortable. Even if you have a little wobble in labour, the good news is that adrenaline leaves the body quickly, so as long as you don’t keep producing it, it’s possible to move back into a calm and relaxed state, enabling the oxytocin to flow once more.

The techniques you will learn in this article will help you do just this. So, if you do have a slight panic, don’t worry. You just haven’t been conditioned to think of these things as being important, so it’s not surprising to me that you might not recognize your creative talents. But even if you do, I’m also willing to bet that you want more. More ideas. More inspiration. More meaning. Living Skillfully can give you that. On a basic level, Living Skillfully can give you a physical way to connect with the planet and the people you love. With Living Skillfully, I am putting a name to something you may already be doing. And by identifying it and bringing more awareness to the importance of these little (and sometimes big) creative endeavors, I’m honoring you, the artist, so that you can embrace your artistic nature with greater enthusiasm. This article differs from being a craft article or another how-to article, self-help article, or cookarticle. Stay on task, and confront attempts to move the discussion to other topics. Refrain from far-reaching discussions with countless variables. This type of behavior by the criticized individual is born out of defensiveness and difficulty owning up to one’s responsibility. Both of these behavioral outcomes need to be short-circuited and confronted. After wrapping up the performance correction meeting with a positive statement, it is often best to discontinue any further discussion of other side issues so that the impact of the encounter can sink in. The Importance of Follow-Up Obviously, a great way to mitigate the sting of criticism is to look for an opportunity to review how well the employee has heeded the message about showing performance improvement and then to be generous with praise for work well done the next time a similar task is completed competently. Looking for chances to provide praise should far outweigh efforts to continue finding inadequacies or things to criticize about a subordinate’s work.

This is especially true when the emotional fallout of criticism was more profound. However, if the problem persists, you may need to recycle the criticism process with more urgency and seriousness. With each outgoing breath you are releasing atoms from every organ in your body, and with each ingoing breath you are bringing atoms to every cell and organ in your body. You are renewing your body and replacing parts with every breath that you take. Continue to breathe in and out and imagine your body as a continual stream of energy and transformation, constantly renewing and refreshing itself. Bring your attention to your stomach and know that the entire stomach lining will be renewed in less than a week. Now bring your attention to your skin and know that within one month the cells will be entirely replaced and you will have new skin. See your skeleton in your mind’s eye. The atoms that currently comprise it will be replaced by new ones in three months. Bring your attention to your liver. You will have a new one in six weeks. Now feel your whole body. It’s not game over! It’s never game over. The toolkit It’s time now to get to grips with the amazing and life-changing hypnobirthing tool kit. In this article I will take you through the two breathing techniques (game changers, the pair of them), some visualisations, light-touch massage, guided relaxations, positive affirmations and the art of creating shortcuts to relaxation. And breathe . Breathing is the single most important thing you can do in labour. If you take nothing else from this article, take this!

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