Benefits of monkey bars

If you ever want a full upper body workout in about a minute, swing from hand to hand across the Monkey Bars. Remember when you used to swing and hang upside from the Monkey Bars? It used to be so easy right!?! But now it may be more of a workout than you realize Although possibly still as much fun!

Using monkey bars where you swing from one rung to another is a good example of the hanging technique. You’d be surprised by how quickly the monkey bars can beat up your grip. Plus, swinging across monkey bars needs some core and leg work as well to keep your body from swinging out of control.

Monkey bars are often one of the more challenging pieces of playground equipment. Nonetheless, they offer hours of endless fun and a rewarding sense of accomplishment when a child is able to travel from one end to the other.

Simply grab an overhead bar tightly, using an overhand grip, and hang. The purpose of this drill is to introduce your physiology to the mechanics of hanging – pure and simple. If you struggle to do the Basic Monkey Bar movement, you may want to start with just a dead hang. Gripping the bars develops hand strength which is useful for fine motor activities such as using a pen and manipulating LEGO pieces. Through gravity we are able to accomplish another attribute with this exercise, which is traction or decompression of the vertebral discs.

It is well known that the benefits of using monkey bars are improved grip, increased core and upper body strength and cardiovascular endurance. It goes without saying that monkey bars add a little extra excitement to climbing frames. They are great fun and with great health and learning benefits.

Monkey bars as an adult are surprisingly hard to “play” on. They are great fun and have ample benefits for your fitness

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